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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A CVS Job Application Can Be a Positive Life Changing Experience

I'm one of those people who conducts a lot of research as well as networking through friends and family, and this last month, I had one my nephews who is 19 years young fill out a CVS job application. I asked Ronnie (that's not his real name but we'll call him that for the rest of this article) to look at this website for some information, he liked what he saw, and he applied online.

Now, I had already told him to visit the store of his choice before applying to CVS but like the many knuckleheads in our family, he didn't! All he did was apply online sometime in November 2009, and at the start of December he was called in and hired to work part-time.

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After the Christmas and holiday rush, he was promised a full-time job and although he hasn't reached that status quite yet, he's excited because he wants to get into the management arena. He's definitely got the right work attitude and he's an intelligent kid I must say, so I wish him the best of luck.

Now backtracking a little bit, you must know we're talking about a kid who got into a little bit of trouble in middle and high school, and he turned his life around in such a positive way! This is living proof of how quickly a person's life can change for the better almost instantly if they have a dream and put themselves into action.

Ronnie tells me the happiest time of his life was during the short period where he filled out that CVS job application online and when he was told he was hired; it's what he he desperately needed after looking for other menial jobs around town and getting nowhere. He now actually wants to go to college. Good for Ronnie!

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