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Friday, July 3, 2009

What to Do After Submtting a CVS Application

After taking the time to research the company and submitting a CVS application, most people sit and wait by the phone, hoping for a company representative to give them the news they've been waiting for; come in for an interview on such and such date!

However, sometimes, that call never comes for one reason or another including simply being overlooked, or because the position you applied for has been temporarily filled.

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If you're hoping to get hired quickly here's the best way to conduct yourself after you apply for a job at CVS:

1. Do not merely sit and wait for"the call." If you haven't heard from them in one week, be proactive. Visit the store of your choice, and ask to speak to the store manager.

Make sure you look presentable; clean shoes, crisply pressed shirt or blouse and pants, no heavy perfume, no more than one earring on each earlobe, and definitely take off those nose rings, tongue rings, or any other body rings for that matter! Wile we're at it, cover any and all tattoos even if you have to wear a long sleeve shirt to do so.

In other words, this is no time to try and express your "hip" individuality; instead you want to appear as normal and as plain as possible. This is really important, guys and gals. If you ignore what you just read you will dramatically decrease your chances of getting hired. The reason for this is because most people in charge of hiring and firing will usually go for the person they feel is not only qualified and/or has good potential, but that they will be the most dependable and they'll get along with co-workers once hired. When these people see ten earrings on one earlobe or multiple tattoos, they get a negative impression. It's simply human nature!

Once you are hired, then you can relax and express your individuality without going overboard, of course!

2. Politely inform the manager you submitted an application one week ago and you're hoping to get hired and work for him or her, and that you're simply hoping to find out what the status of your application is.

This is the time to strike a friendly conversation! be yourself, be kind and nice, don't forget to smile a little, and try to make a great first impression.

3. Regardless of what the manager says, which is usually "Just wait a few more days, I'm sure they'll call you," thank the manager for his or her time and let them know you look forward to getting the opportunity to work for them.

By following up after you submit an online CVS application, you can give yourself a tremendous advantage over other applicants by allowing the store manager or other management personnel put a face to go along with your name.

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