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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What CVS Looks for In Their Employees

You may have already submitted a CVS job application or you may be considering filling one out, but do you know what kind of qualities CVS is looking for in prospective employees? By knowing what they are hoping for in hired employees you may be able to set yourself apart and stand out in a crowded sea of many.

More than anything, because business is, well, simply business, they are looking for someone who can help provide the best customer experience possible by being helpful and personable, and by being attentive to customers. They're looking to hire entry-level associates who are proactive and don't hesitate to provide guidance when they see a customer who needs help. They want pharmacy experts who can accomplish their tasks, fill orders promptly and accurately, and ones who can prove to their customers that CVS is the most complete and reliable store for all their pharmaceutical needs.

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They are also looking for workers who are personable and respectful, ones who can get along well with other co-workers. Now, it's true that people without any interpersonal skills slip through the cracks and get hired; this happens at every company. However, if you can't picture yourself being courteous, friendly, and helpful to customers and co-workers, you may as well look elsewhere for a career!

CVS looks for hard-working people who don't hesitate to make suggestions to their management teams if it means customers will benefit from their fresh ideas and perspectives.

Another attribute which can help you in your career at CVS is having the desire to advance in your career and your willingness to acquire the proper training to get where you need to go.

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