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Saturday, October 24, 2009

CVS Job Applications Are Smoking Hot

With a tumbling economy and people scrambling to get a job anywhere they can just to survive, CVS job applications are one of many companies to be thrust into the limelight as a great company to work for and secure your future.

Funny how so many workers have avoided working retail jobs because of the crazy hours and low pay, but now everyone is jumping at a chance to work for this, the most successful pharmacy chain in the US today.

A job at CVS can probably transform your life like it's done for many, including my 22 year old cousin I'll call Oscar so I don't embarrass him in front of our friends and family (even they will probably read this and recognize who I'm talking about instantly).

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Oscar was a bit of a thug in his mid to late teens. He ended up in a juvenile detention center twice for petty crimes, and he probably got away with other, perhaps more serious crimes. Luckily, he was placed in an alternative school program at the age of 16 and has actually turned his life around.

One of the biggest reasons he has changed is; he went out there into the real world at the age of 19 after getting his GED diploma (his parents said "work" or get out of the house), and got a CVS job. It was not easy for him to get hired; he carries himself in a very thuggish manner and lets a bad word out with every three sentences that come out of his mouth, and he's not exactly the most personable person you'll ever meet!

Still, he was able to get his juvenile misdemeanor crime record expunged (erased) by the court system through his attorney, paid in part by - yep- ME, and even though he had a rough time applying and interviewing for jobs, he finally landed a Job in CVS on his first try there!

If there are lessons to be learned here from his experience, it's that:

1. You can find a job if you really try; Oscar applied to at least 7 or 8 different companies and was only invited for an interview with two of those companies before he filled out a CVS job application online.

2. You shouldn't be afraid to apply for jobs in as many places as you can as long as it's the job you believe you'll be happy with, and, the experience gained from every job application and interview is priceless; you get better and better with each one at this process.

Oscar claims he was hired because he learned from his mistakes during the first two interviews, and he aced the CVS job interview.

So, if you're looking for a job, don't sell yourself short, and apply to different companies. You just might find yourself in a great position where two companies want to hire you and you can take your pick.

CVS job applications promise great futures and go very fast when there are positions available, so it should definitely be one of your first stops if you are looking at a career in the retail pharmacy business either as an entry-level worker, a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, a store manager, and many other positions.

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