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Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Your CVS Job Application to the Top

The easiest part of any process of trying to find a new job is to fill out an application online and press the send button. However, there are so many other gaps to fill in, and if you don't pay attention closely, you may end up sabotaging your efforts to put forth your CVS job application. The little things you don't do can prevent you from getting hired. Most people who apply online for a job take a passive approach. That is, they submit their application and wait for the company to call them in hopes that they can get an interview so they can impress the company. The problem with this approach is there are far too many job applicants trying to get the same job and even people with supreme skills never even get their foot in the door to get that interview. Tough times call for a much tougher approach if you really want to go after that job that you have set your sights on, and now is the time to do it.

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A CVS Job Application Can Only Do So Much

Before you apply, have you asked yourself the following questions;

  • Have I conducted any research on the official CVS careers website to learn more about the company?
If you don't know anything about a company or how it operates, you will not only be lost when it comes time for the job interview as it relates to your qualifications for the open position, you won't have the faintest idea of whether or not you would like to work at CVS. How are you going to find out where you think you might be able to fit in with this company? It does not take much effort to go on the official CVS website and fish around, looking at the different types of jobs available, the different types of careers for the long term, and to get inspired about what the future can hold for you within the company.

  • Do I have an idea of the type of job that fits my experience or expertise, or if I don't have any experience, does it fit my personality and goals and is it really what I want?
As an example, if you are a pharmacist looking to hook up with CVS, why not ask a pharmacist at the store location near you to see how he or she likes the job and how and if they see themselves having a long, fruitful career with them. Prepare a list of questions and don't be afraid to ask a CVS store employee who holds the same type of job you're applying for.

  • Have I considered any other options such as applying at different retail stores or an entirely different business altogether?
You should always consider your options before applying anywhere. This goes back to researching the official websites of whichever company you are interested in and finding out enough about them to make a solid decision about your future.

  • Am I prepared and committed to doing more than the average job applicant would do to try to secure a job at CVS?
To get hired for a CVS job or any other company for that matter is not an easy task these days. In fact, it takes more dedication, preparation, and perseverance than ever before. It order to stand out apart from the rest of the crowd who is also applying for the same job as you, you have to do much more than the average person. You need to do things such as making contact with the CVS store you want to apply at before you submit your application, you need to follow up on your application in person every step of the way, and you need to prepare yourself well for the interview process which is where most applicants fail.

A CVS job application can only take you so far; it's up to you to do all the legwork to take it as far as you want to go.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Expand Your Opportunities to Apply at CVS

If you want to apply at CVS, it's way too easy to fill out an online application and sit at home by the phone waiting for the call that many times, never does come.

Most people these days, even with an incredible amount of competition form other applicants, believe getting a job is really that easy; you simply apply online, you wait for a call back from a company representative, they schedule you for an interview, and you'll eventually be hired. Not so, at least not usually!

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It's true you can catch the right company at the right time and get hired on the spot; it may be they're looking to fill a position created by the last worker who left suddenly and unexpectedly, and they desperately need to fill the position or their company operation can go down the tubes. however, this is not the reality if you're looking to get hired quickly.

To widen your opportunities to get hired quickly when you finally do apply at CVS or any other company for that matter, it's important that you don't treat the job-finding and hiring process like you used to when jobs were plentiful. This laid back, wait and see approach doesn't work like it used to.

Today you need to take advantage of all the available resources you can think of. You can start by finding out if anybody in your family or one of your friends has ever filled out a CVS job application and what the procedure was. If you know what to expect, things will proceed much more smoothly for you, you won't have as much anxiety about the job interview, and you'll have an advantage over other applicants walking into an interview without that knowledge. This goes for any position with any company.

Networking is the biggest trend right now in trying to get hired. It's not only who you know, it's also how much effort you're willing to put in to making some sort of connection. You see, employment personnel and business owners love hiring people that come recommended or someone they're familiar with.

So, if you're about to apply at CVS, of course they give everyone an equal chance, but it would help get your foot in the door if you establish that critical connection with someone who can help you get hired immediately.